Where you decide to put down roots is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. So, let us help you make the right choice!


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The process of buying a home, especially the first time, can be daunting. We'll take the mystery and difficulty out of it for you.  Our comprehensive programs and extensive knowledge of the industry are second-to-none!

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We have different style homes and locations throughout Northeast Ohio for every budget and taste. Call 216 531 7111 and see what is available!


Why Rent When You Can Own?

A home is more than just a house you live in - it's an investment in your future. Make sure it's a wise one. We take the time to find you the right place to call home.

What We Offer

We bring excellence to the buying experience.

The goal of Grovewood Properties LLC is to provide sustainable, affordable, high quality, energy efficient housing in Northeast Ohio. We do this by working closely with the local communities and programs to match each buyer with the most cost effective services available.

Grovewood Properties LLC history started in 1992. From day one our focus has been community oriented. 

Over the years, Grovewood Properties LLC has rehabbed and renovated thousands of homes as well as constructed 100+ new homes and condos throughout northeast Ohio. Helping to revitalize countless streets and neighborhoods.  

Each home and homeowner helps to bring new life and stability to the neighborhood and economy.  Our belief is strong neighborhoods build strong communities. We would love to help you achieve you goal of home ownership! 

Why Pay Rent When You Can Own?